A look back over the biggest celebrity fashion faux pas of 2013

For fashion 2013 was a year of stellar looks, and then a few celebrity attempts at fashion that were utterly bewildering. They did teach a few fashion basics to those paying attention however, such as the useful tip gleamed from Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy dress: if it looks like a sofa print don’t put it on. […]

Terry Richardson stirs up a storm in the fashion world

A relatively mild storm that’s currently lashing about in the fashion world concerns the behaviour of one Terry Richardson, an American-born artiste who became a famous fashion photographer and proceeded to abuse the privilege. If you look at the presumably unbiased reportage in Wikipedia and then read the scathing commentary by the Guardian’s Hadley Freeman […]

Dolce & Gabbana appear to put legal troubles behind them in Milan

The Sunday extravaganza showcasing the designs of Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week was their first event for a long time, especially since the duo was convicted in a tax evasion case. There were no signs of any legal troubles as the designer duo looked relaxed and used the opportunity to deliver to the […]

Ancient designs wow the crowds at Milan Fashion Week

This Sunday, fashion aficionados were treated to a new form of fashion when they saw models walking down the ramp in dresses with prints of ancient structures such as Sicilian temples. This happened at the Milan Fashion Week and the designers in question were no less than Salvatore Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana. This biannual […]

How to Get the Celebrity Look on a Budget

If you want to achieve celebrity style on a mere mortal’s budget, you just need some inside info! Dress like a superstar for a fraction of the price with these three must-have items.

Play around with playsuits and jumpsuits

Everywhere you look, celebs are having fun in playsuits. This year, stylish silky jumpsuits and cute […]

From country girl to fashion icon; Julianne Hough reveals her secret

Julianne Hough revealed how she turned the country girl into a fashion icon over the last few years. Stylist Anita Patrickson has worked with 24 year old Hough since 2012’s Emmy Awards and has helped convince her to try out some more edgy styles. In the past Patrickson has also worked with Emma Watson and […]

Chloe Sevigny shines in New York

Chloe Sevigny regularly tops the lists of best dressed women and in widely regarded as one of the most fashionable and forward looking stars around. It was no surprise then to see her steal the show on Wednesday in New York at the A&E Networks party, dressed in a 1930’s style outfit to which she […]

British women spending £2.4bn a year to try and look like celebrities

New research suggests that women in the UK spend about £2.4b every year attempting to try to capture celebrity style for themselves. In fact, the study that took a closer look at where people got their fashion inspiration from also discover that about 33% of all women turn to gossip and celebrity magazines to find […]

Tess Daly returns briefly to modelling in very unusual dress

Tess Daly, the television presenter, paid tribute to her modelling days by choosing to be part of a photo shoot with a very unusual dress. The red layered dress was very dramatic with a corset a mermaid middle and a small flare out by the mid-calf.

The dress is the work of budding designer Nikita […]

A look at Joey Essex engagement cake

A look at Joey Essex engagement cake

We are very happy to offer our congratulations on the engagement of Joey Essex to his stunning girlfriend Sam Faiers.

The couple celebrated with a luxurious Disney themed engagement party cake, which was of course created by creative team at The Cake Store , and was then […]