SnowTrex puts together 8 hot resorts to spot celebs

At the next table you spot a famous actor, nearby in the beginners area there is a super model helping her kids try out their skies, and if you squint a bit you realize that a Royal Family member is skiing down the same piste you are on.

Think that there is not a chance? […]

A look at Joey Essex engagement cake

A look at Joey Essex engagement cake

We are very happy to offer our congratulations on the engagement of Joey Essex to his stunning girlfriend Sam Faiers.

The couple celebrated with a luxurious Disney themed engagement party cake, which was of course created by creative team at The Cake Store , and was then […]

New book looks back over the 80’s fashion phenomenon

Think 80’s you think headbands, leg warmers, garish colours and big, big hair. Now, a new book about the fashion bible of that decade, Blitz, looks beyond the stereotypes to the influence the fashion of the 80’s had on what we are still wearing today. For those around that time, you will probably find it […]

The tomboy trend gathers pace in the fashion world

Whether it is fused gender clothing or androgynous models, the need for all things tomboy is transforming from a trend into a movement, and there is now a one stop shop online that is dedicated to this style.

The site launches this Friday and will be called Wildfang. Emma McIlroy is the co-founder, and she […]

Out of the jungle and into a new £1m casino for Hugo Taylor

Set in the heart of the town centre CAMEO makes its debut appearance on the 17th January 2013 bringing wall-to-wall glamour to Watford. After a redesign costing £1m, CAMEO is the ultimate haven for those who are in search of a high level of opulence that has a credible twist and it has been inspired […]