The Hollywood Smile

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more fashionable than having perfect teeth. For many years now pearly whites have been considered not only attractive, but also a signal that you are healthy and looked after too.

More recently having your teeth done has become a bit of a status symbol. Plenty of stars and […]

Irishman named as world’s top make up artist award

Although make-up is considered a field ruled by women, an Irish man managed to win one of the most renowned international make-up competitions and won the award “World’s Top Make-Up Artist”. Paddy McGurgan of Northern Ireland managed to beat the competition at the Illamasqua awards with his unique Bauhaus-styled make-up.

McGurgan is just 32 years […]

Cheryl Cole the sexy face of L’Oreal

Recording artist and model Cheryl Cole is renowned for her beauty, reaching the top of many fashion lists. Best known for her gorgeous hair, Ms. Cole graces stills for L’Oreal’s Elnett hairspray advertising campaign. In a breathtaking display, the gorgeous model rests her head and luxurious hair against an equally luxurious golden background.

Although the […]

Gwyneth Paltrow becomes the new face of Max Factor

Gwyneth Paltrow is the new inspiration for makeup artists at Max Factor as the actress has just signed on to be part of a six month advertising campaign for the makeup company that will begin in November.

Max Factor’s global creative design direction, Pat McGrath, stated that the project has been shaped to reflect the […]

Fergie releases new cosmetic range through Wet n’ Wild

Fergie and the budget cosmetics brand Wet n’ Wild has teamed up to create a new range of products that will include lipsticks, nail polish, and eye shadow. All together 21 products will have her stamp of approval on them, a task that she is thrilled to be a part of. She stated that for […]