Boho City Introduces Dreamy Boho Bag

Boho City Introduces Dreamy Boho Bag

It is almost that time of year again, the time of year when fashion aficionados across the UK get ready for festival season. This year many are choosing to head to Boho City for their festival essentials. Regardless of which festival a traveler has in mind they will […]

Kate Hudson Inspires Lindex Spring Party Collection

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Oscar-nominated actress Kate Hudson inspires new Lindex spring and summer collection 2014. Promoting the new collection with her red carpet glamor and modelling style.

Lindex spring party collection, which will be released online at on April 21 and in Lindex stores on April 23, is strongly inspired by Kate Hudson’s own […]

The Great Converse Debate: New or Worn

Converse trainers are an iconic shoe given the fact that they seem to symbolize rebellion and youth regardless of the fashion style that you tend to follow. In the nineties Kurt Cobain made them popular as a piece of grunge culture while at the same time the NWA made them an instrumental piece of hip […]

Kristen Stewart to be the new face of Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart is the new face of the Balenciaga campaign, but it despite working with other designers in the past it sounds like this the first time that she is actually enjoying working with fashion. Stewart is known for Twilight and for maintaining her own personal sense of style, and her Twilight fame has ensured […]

The indelible link between fashion and music

Fashion has always loved rock n’ roll stars from the models down to the fashion directors that cast rock n roll icons to be spokesmen for their brand. Just take one look at the Blond Ambition Tour costumes that Jean Paul Gaultier created for Madonna or how many photographers have captured Mick Jagger. Lately however, […]

The rise and rise of Emma Watson

From Hermione Granger to the face of Burberry to goodness knows what, Emma Watson has been a busy girl for most of her 23 years. She once told Interview magazine that from the first of nine auditions for the role of Hermione in the first Harry Potter film, she just knew the part was hers. […]

French fashion finally cottons on to fuller figures

In recent years media pressure has got to many of the top fashion designers; some with enthusiasm (and some no doubt kicking and screaming off the record) have enlarged the mould onto which their creations are meant to fit. Now there are fashions for bodies that have not just curves but bulges, and models are […]

Ellie Goulding’s new hair gets a massive thumbs up

Ellie Goulding’s new hair gets a massive thumbs up

It is great to see Ellie Goulding back on the stage and in the charts where she belongs and this triumphant return comes complete with not only a new song but also a whole new look.

Ellie’s luscious locks are […]

Fashion finally gets a dedicated price comparison website

We have seen them, all over the TV, the comparison websites for almost everything from insurance to energy companies and even broadband. They provide a valuable service for consumers in this time of economic restrictions and there is now a website offering the same service for fashion shoppers.

51 of the nation’s favourite high street […]

Victoria Beckham to open flagship store in London

The fashion career of Victoria Beckham is about to be further cemented as she opens a new boutique in Mayfair, an upmarket area in London. The former Spice Girl has been in negotiations for months and has now signed the deal which will see the new shop opening to sell her own collection of handbags […]