What to Wear for a Work Event

You probably have your everyday work wardrobe sorted, whether office-appropriate for you means jeans and a T-shirt, a uniform, or a classic suit. Then, your boss decides to throw a spanner in the works by announcing a team outing. Suddenly, your wardrobe is completely empty and nothing fits. To save you from panicking, here are […]

Winter Clothing Essentials

The time for vests, flip flops and shorts is now over and as you adapt to the cold rainy days, so must your wardrobe. It can’t be too easy to just adapt your wardrobe to the realms of the cold, but it can be made that little bit easier. However, as the gloomy days suddenly […]

Simple Rules to Follow when Accessorising Your Wedding Dress

In the grand scheme of things, the main focus of your outfit will of course be your dress. But, when you have spent months, maybe even years agonising over the perfect dress, do you really want to compromise its beauty with bad accessorising? With a little nudge in the right direction, this will not be […]

Essential Fashion Tips for Surviving Transitional Weather

Autumn: the season of transitional weather. It’s not too hot, not too cold, then suddenly it’s both extremes at once. It can be confusing to know what to wear when the weather is having a bigger identity crisis than usual. That’s why we have put together this sartorial survival kit for autumn.

It’s the most […]

The Great Converse Debate: New or Worn

Converse trainers are an iconic shoe given the fact that they seem to symbolize rebellion and youth regardless of the fashion style that you tend to follow. In the nineties Kurt Cobain made them popular as a piece of grunge culture while at the same time the NWA made them an instrumental piece of hip […]

The indelible link between fashion and music

Fashion has always loved rock n’ roll stars from the models down to the fashion directors that cast rock n roll icons to be spokesmen for their brand. Just take one look at the Blond Ambition Tour costumes that Jean Paul Gaultier created for Madonna or how many photographers have captured Mick Jagger. Lately however, […]

French fashion finally cottons on to fuller figures

In recent years media pressure has got to many of the top fashion designers; some with enthusiasm (and some no doubt kicking and screaming off the record) have enlarged the mould onto which their creations are meant to fit. Now there are fashions for bodies that have not just curves but bulges, and models are […]

Fashion finally gets a dedicated price comparison website

We have seen them, all over the TV, the comparison websites for almost everything from insurance to energy companies and even broadband. They provide a valuable service for consumers in this time of economic restrictions and there is now a website offering the same service for fashion shoppers.

51 of the nation’s favourite high street […]

Google Glass already considered a massive failure

Ever since its inception, Google Glass has received negative reviews—with many people saying that anyone who wears it will look like a dork. Google glass is a wearable computer being developed by Google, which aims to display information just like the smartphone, but in a hands-free manner.

The design may still need some tweaking, as […]

Western theme set to the big thing in menswear for spring/summer 2014

There was a western-themed spring/summer 2014 catwalk show, hosted by the high street brand of Topman Design, as part of London Collections: Men, the flourishing men’s fashion week. Satin cowboy shirts and brogues with silver wing tips featured the most at the show. You could hardly glimpse a pair of shorts, which are popular during […]