Candice Swanpoel looks amazing in latest swimwear shots

Candice Swanepoel, the South African model, has recently proved that she certainly knows how to make a splash in her chosen career. She is 23 years old and recently looked incredible as she wandered around a swimming pool and went swimming under a waterfall. She is a Victoria’s Secret model, and she has been clearly […]

First Alice Temperley collection comes to the high street

The iconic British designer Alice Temperley belongs to that elite class where as soon as a new collection is announced, fashionista’s order items in advance and snap them up as before they are actually available, making them must have pieces for the uber trendies. The fact that she is now producing an exclusive collection for […]

Leading British surfer makes her second foray into modelling

Hannah Harding, who is 25 years old, has just been crowned as the leading surfer in the country after only taking part in the sport for five years. After winning the event she has declared that she is interested in pursuing a modelling career and has just been signed up with Prime Model Agency.

She […]

Emma Stone’s jumpsuit wows them on the red carpet at Spider Man premiere

Emma Stone has just attended the Amazing Spiderman premiere which took place in Leicester Square. She was seen wearing a rather daring jumpsuit and was accompanied by her boyfriend and co-star in the movie, Andrew Garfield, who plays Spiderman.

In the movie she plays the role of Gwen Stacey, who is a studious character who […]

The end is nigh for the skinny catwalk model

It is just possible that the designers and purveyors of high fashion may actually let out their seams a bit and allow for a few extra pounds and curves – heavens, even a bulge or two – in the models that have dominated the catwalks since the early ’90’s. They may even start making clothes […]

J-Lo launches new interactive website for fans

J-Lo launches new interactive website for fans

Jennifer Lopez has just launched the ultimate online community for her fans at and it has kicked off a with a live streamed announcement that was viewable at 4pm PT, 7pm Eastern time. She also revealed that those who visit , the latest EQAL media […]

Louise Redknapp the face of Wallis’ petite collection

Louise Redknapp, singer, television presenter and wife of footballer Jamie has been names as the new face of Wallis’ petite clothing range. This collection features a wide range of garments that have specifically been designed for those women who have a smaller frame.

Redknapp is a confident and petite woman who understands the importance of […]

Brett Levene set to be the next big thing on the catwalk

With London fashion week drawing to a conclusion, there is one particular model that has caused a particular interest in the fashion world.

Brett Levene is only 15 years old, but he is already causing those with much more experience than him to pay attention.

He is signed with Storm, which is one of the […]

Super thin is the fashion again

This year the fad in the fashion industry has shifted from plus sized models to male models. Maybe next year we will see plus sized male models that would be new. The super thin is the fashion though, in spite of the fresh attraction on the catwalk of the men strutting their stuff. This is […]

Kelly Brook is the face of Playboy Energy Drink

Kelly Brook is heading up the UK launch of Playboy Energy Drink, an incredibly invigorating beverage that is already available in close to 20 other countries worldwide including the United States, Australia, Eastern Europe and South Africa.

Kelly will be hosting the official UK VIP launch event that will take place at London’s Funky Buddha […]