Kate turns to Victoria for style tips during her pregnancy

Catherine Middleton (nee Kate Middleton) the Duchess of Cambridge has become a global phenomenon when it comes to her fashion choices. In fact, outside of inspiring many Brits with her sense of style, she has inspired many other fans including Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

Luckily, Kate can count on Victoria Beckham as a friend […]

The Duchess of Cambridge shines at the Remembrance service

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared at the Remembrance Sunday service in a recycled DvF coat. The service was held in London, at the Cenotaph. Duchess Catherine is well-known for her exquisite fashion taste, so many were surprised to see her in a recycled Diane Von Furstenburg coat. The black coat features embellished sleeves and collar.


Kate wows the Olympic crowds with her impeccable styling

Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as she’s officially known, has been a regular face at the Olympics since the opening ceremony took place on Friday. While it’s great to see all the Royals there giving their support to the British team it is, invariably, Kate who has been grabbing the headlines for her […]

The Duchess of Cambridge wracks up a clothes bill of over £30,000

It is well-known that the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William, certainly has an interest in fashion, and it is just been reported that the Duchess spent over £30,000 on clothing that is related to her work since last year. She has become known for having incredible style and impresses fashion audiences around […]