Using daily contact lenses

There are a huge range of contact lenses available today available from your contact lens retailer, and this vast array means that there are more people being able to use them than ever before. Whether you want soft, hard, gas permeable or even toric lenses, you can get them easy enough and they have […]

Expressing the spirit of Baileys

Colgate Total Competition – Win a Mini Cooper Roadster

Colgate Total is widely regarded as the best all round toothpaste on the market, and their intensive research and extensive advertising has created a product that is so good for your teeth that many dentists recommend it. As well as whitening and cleaning, Colgate Total removes the millions of bacteria that you can’t even see, […]

Mastering The Art Of The Domestic Goddess

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Being a domestic goddess can be hard, but someone has to do it – and that person is you! Looking after the kids, working, managing money and keeping a clean home can prove an extremely hard task, but somehow we manage it. There are, however, a few steps that you need to follow […]

Putting the focus on laser eye surgery: a clear introduction

The brilliance of laser eye treatment has had a huge impact on the treatment of eye conditions across the world. For so long, the treatment has seemed out of reach and unrealistically complex but today more and more people are undergoing what has become a fast, safe and affordable method of correcting a range of […]


The fashion world is fast moving, with trends and styles changing with the seasons, and must-haves flying off the shelves thanks to celebrity endorsements. The Fashion V1 blog covers everything from footwear to accessories, and the latest clothing ranges in-between. It’s all about fashion news and fashion advice. There is also a healthy dose of […]

Sponsored Video: Samsung Hollywood style trailers

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Samsung have recently launched a new advertising campaign which has seen the creation of three Hollywood style trailers. All of the trailers feature three different characters who cause problems for modern mobile devices including tablet computers, mobile phones and laptops.

One of the characters is called Battery […]

Splenda ready to help you look good this summer

If you feel like you need some help in getting into shape for the summer, and you feel as if you are taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, then you need to head online and check out the brilliant new video from Splenda, the company who produce the authentic tasting sugar substitute that […]

Hen Night Parties in Fancy Dress

5 o’clock in the morning. The last guests just leaved (or most of them) and your house looks like an army camp. You still have two soldiers sleeping on your couch and a very sleepy cadet is in the bathroom trying to remove her make-up. In the courtyard there is a big military tent and […]

The Suits To Wear At The Office

The main prerequisite of the clothing items worn at the office is definitely decency, comfort or appealing aspects being certainly secondary. This doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be wonderful for corporate workwear to have all these characteristics, but just that a serious look is of paramount importance, because people would see it as an indication […]