Hilary Swank’s new clothing range

While most of the time it is standard to leave some room for outrageous celebrity clothing ranges, Hilary Swank’s new line is questionable given it has been described as a mix between an apparel collection with athletic tones.  The confusion is expected given the fact that generally speaking Swank is known for her mild red carpet gowns that are always stylish if not always cutting edge.

This is not the only thing Swank has been up to as last month it broke that she is also hard at work on a fashion game that will air on the CW which makes plenty of people wonder why the actress who is best known for playing a boy is so obsessed with clothes.

Of course, the obvious answer is money given the fact that designers are willing to pay out big bucks to get a celebrity to produce their own line.  Swank is supposedly already at work with the Designers Management Agency who have worked with Rachel Roy to build an outdoor, contemporary, leisure brand that will be inspired by her roots as a gymnast.


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