Jessica Simpson is on top of the celeb designer tree

While most people would not think of Jessica Simpson as the leader of anything lately, except for maybe high profile failed romances, she has been able to stake out her own in terms of celebrity accessories and clothing labels.

In fact, at a time when it seems that there is a new celebrity fashion brand for every week of the year from bargain lines to one-time special edition lines, Simpson has managed to stay in the tabloids with news of her own exploits on full display to match.

Yet, all of this aside, Simpson still has rocked the land of celebrity designers grossing a total of about one billion US dollars for her brand over the last decade as she has expanded out from shoes to jeans to swimwear to more.  In fact, Simpson has been able to beat out J.Lo and Madonna when it comes to celebrity lifestyle brands, which is quite surprising given her life is such a mess on paper.

If you look a little closer at her success in the retail stores, there is a little bit of sense to be made of her clear ability to sell clothes.  After all, she often is made fun of for her weight and is practically the fodder of dumb celebrity quote columns, therefore while she is beautiful and talented she is also perfectly flawed just like a normal person.

She has been able thus far to channel that imperfection that makes the public able to relate with her into her designs which seems to be the winning combination; now if only she could find a boyfriend that could be so easily won over.


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