Kanye West meets resistance to his clothing ranges

The fashion show that has recently seen some clothes designed by Kanye West was not much of a success. Most people at the show seemed to think that he had just got a great deal of fur, thrown it on some models and called it a collection. Worse yet, fur, in a spring and summer collection. The amount of fox fur that was seen on his clothing might have made some people in the audience wonder if there were actually any foxes left in the wild.

Anna Wintor, when asked about what she thought of Kanye’s collection was brief and held back – something rather out of character for Wintor. When asked by the New York Times what she thought, she simply told them to ask someone else. It is a frequently made joke that once a celebrity buys advertising from a fashion editor they are essentially buying the editor.

When they sign the advertising deal they are also often prevented from saying anything negative about the designer. This might just be the reason why Wintor is being rather reserved, when you would expect her to be writing many negative things about the collection, she simply is not.


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