Naomi Campbell fashion designer

Naomi Campbell will join the ranks of models that have become fashion designers. The beautiful 41 year old was rumoured to have line of jeans she designed for Fiorucci an Italian denum label. Her collection is said to make its debut over the next few days in Milan Men’s Fashion Week and will be in stores next spring. There is skepticism about the news since Fiorucci is not where to be found on the event schedules.

It also is a little unlikely she would design a men’s line when the women’s wear market seems a natural fit and jeans are not part of Miss Campbell’s usual repertoire. But if the rumours are true then the collection will be the long awaited return of Fiorucci to the fashion spotlight.

In the seventies and eighties the fashion label enjoyed huge success but the nineties were full of legal and financial issues. Today Italian fashion giant Ittierre owns the label and has licenses for C’N’C’, Balmain, Galliano and Costume National. It would be Miss Campbell’s first attempt at design she created a short lived line for a retailer in Sao Paulo but it appears the line never made it.


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