Stella McCartney at London Fashion Week

Every year, Paul McCartney attends the fashion shows that his daughter takes part in inParis. Next year however the former Beatle will not be going abroad as his daughter’s show will be taking place inLondonfor the first time. Next year Stella McCartney will be showing off her latest collection at London Fashion Week rather than at the French alternative.

It has been announced by her office that a one-off collection will be showcased in February and it will mark the beginning of the celebration of Stella McCartney’s fashion designs which is taking place in 2012. There is a special exhibition taking place at Selfridge’s and a new store is being opened inLondon.

It has been confirmed that the new collection by McCartney will not have an Olympic theme but other than that the collection remains rather mysterious. The company will be making some money from the Olympics however as they have been commissioned by Adidas to direct the creative side of creatingGreat Britain’s kit.

The British Fashion Council are no doubt hoping that this decision to move the display to London is just the first of McCartney’s plans to move her operations from Paris to her home city of London. Other notable brands have also recently been moving their shows fromFranceandItalyback toLondon, this includes the Burberry brand which has been received with great success.

It seems however that Ms McCartney will be remaining inParisas just two weeks after the show inLondonanother will be taking place inParis. She also is only responsible for 50% of the business so her partner’s decision also matters.


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