Tom Ford says his mother is his style guru

If you read a biography of Tom Ford, you’ll find mention of his Southern style Mom, who taught him that dressing well was a sign of respect for other people, and dressing badly was absolutely disgraceful.  Mr. Ford has obviously not forgotten those lessons, and he’s passing some of them along to the world at large.

Tom Ford has become one of the most influential fashion designers in the world; some reviewers say he brought the word ‘class’ back to the fashion industry.  Ford’s creative designs for both women and men are worn by celebrities in every facet of entertainment, but they are certainly not limited to the ‘stars’.   He has very definite ideas about style and some about deportment too.

In an interview for AnOtherMagazine, macho gay man Ford gave us some tips on good behaviour.  In brief, he said that shorts are for the beach, not the city; one’s attire should be appropriate to the venue.  Respect for others includes opening doors for women and standing up for arrivals and departures at the dinner table. Everyone ought to work; people who don’t work are usually bored and boring.


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