Victoria Beckham at New York’s fashion week

Victoria Beckham launched a new line of clothes on Sunday at New York’s fashion week, using austere shapes, difficult hemlines and loose cashmere draping and said she would never have been able to do that two and a half years ago, it just would not have been understood. But with five good seasons, she has silenced her critics and can go in the directions she wants.

Her style has been influential and other New York designer are following suit.

Her brand has incredible reach. She stated that those involve with Kate Middleton have requested dresses from her previous collection. She and her partner, Simon Fuller are in it for the long term, adding a new element each season, first dresses, then bags and now winter coats.

She wants women to feel beautiful and comfortable. The style is a personal one by her admission. The line was designed before she became pregnant and even though she was wearing a loose fitting cashmere dress, it is the only piece in the line she could fitted into.

She looks forward to wearing more once she delivers the baby.

Included in the line are four coat designs all with slim arms all of different lengths and styles. Saffron and deep magenta were colors highlighted in the so called deserts brights colours.

As she adds a new element to the collection the supply is far less than the incredible demand. Both she and her partner know the importance of brand building and will not be rushed. Things such as stand alone boutiques and even e-commerce have been discussed but are not of immediate concern.

Her way of thinking and approach is working. Orders for the dress collection increased over 60% from last year.


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