Would you lounge on the designer Lipgloss sofa from DFS?

Lipgloss Sofa2If you’re a dedicated follower of fashion and design, the thought of lounging on the new designer Lipgloss sofa from DFS would probably fill you with a mixture of horror and delight – horror that you might ruin its perfect design and delight that you’d get to recline on such a piece of high fashion furniture.

However, the Lipgloss sofa like all DFS sofas has been designed with functionality in mind and was never meant to simply be admired but also to form an integral part of homes up and down the country and be the centre piece of their interiors.


The Lipgloss sofa was created for DFS by well-known fashion designer Giles Deacon. He wanted to create a piece of furniture that was designer in looks but which sacrificed nothing in comfort.

This was achieved by collaborating with the skilled craftspeople at DFS who helped to ensure that the sofa was just as comfortable as it was good looking.

The result is a sofa with generous proportions, soft cushions and even a matching footstall for those who want to complete the look and put their feet up.

Plus, the sofa comes with two free lip-shaped scatter cushions in order to complement the look and make the sofa as cosy as possible.

Fitting in with your interior

When you first look as the bold, graphic print of the Lipgloss sofa you’ll see what a striking design it is, and some people may feel that the look of the sofa is too attention grabbing for their home.

However, the clever monochrome background of the print makes it easy to fit into almost any design scheme and when it’s in place you’ll see that the sofa isn’t just eye-catching but is practical too, making it a great addition to any home.


The wide cushions and great quality upholstering of the Lipgloss sofa mean that it can compete with any other sofa in terms of comfort so you can be sure of a soft seat to relax in at the end of a long hard day.

Though the Lipgloss sofa from DFS does have a designer credentials, it was designed to be a real working sofa so don’t be afraid to lounge on this designer recliner, pop your shoes off, put your feet up and enjoy.


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