Stella McCartney designs show clothes for dad

Stella McCartney is a designer who has managed to establish herself without the help of her famous father. She has however worked together with him and now together they have created a classical ballet. Many people admire Stella McCartney because she does not use her father to further her career.

Ocean’s Kingdom is the first foray that Paul McCartney has made into classical ballet and his daughter has designed the costumes for the production. Members of the audience came to see the ballet for several different reasons. One was the ballet itself, but people also came to see the famous musician as well as the fashion designs his daughter had created.

This is unexpected move by Stella McCartney as over the past decade she has spent a significant amount of time trying to distance herself professionally from her father. Personally they’ve always been close but they have kept a minimal business relationship.

Some people are wondering why Stella has taken this opportunity to do work with her father. Some are speculating that it is because she is celebrating several milestones this year, one is that she has turned 40 years old, she has also had her fourth baby and it has been a decade since she launched her fashion label. It seems that she is now taking the attitude that she doesn’t mind if people associate her success with her father and she’s just doing what she wants to.

The start to Stella McCartney’s career was not a good one because of a remark by Karl Lagerfeld who said that the first label to employ McCartney only did so because of her famous name. To this day the comment has affected her career despite the actual statement happening over 14 years ago. Since that time McCartney has had great success with her clothing however.


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