A look at this years Global Gift Gala

The Global Gift Gala is one of fashion’s more ‘earthy’ events, as it celebrates more than the mod designs and generally unattainable shapes of current fashion trends. The latest of these gala events took place on 19 November at London’s ME Hotel with all sorts of lavish entertainment, and the addition of tributes paid to philanthropic foundations that support the empowerment of women and the needs of children worldwide.

Last Tuesday’s affair was highlighted by a whole slew of celebrities including a surprise appearance by Victoria Beckham, who joined her friend (and the evening’s hostess) Eva Longoria on the red carpet, both exuding their own signature style and glamour. Eva’s dress was a VB design, by the way, and of course so was Victoria’s.

The whole evening was a resounding success, not least because it reportedly raised more than £400,000 for three worthy charities. Tickets to the event sold for £1,000, tables went for £5,000 to £15,000 and they were filled with a sparkling array of beautiful people all dressed to the nines and clearly having a good time. A lavish dinner plus high-caliber entertainment and the satisfaction of promoting good causes left everyone with a lovely glow on their oh-so-photogenic faces.

Eva, former star of “Desperate Housewives” has many acting and modeling credits, but one of her most outstanding achievements is in philanthropy. She supports a remarkable variety of organisations that further the causes of underprivileged children and encouraging women both as mothers and as business professionals. She told reporters that she was proud to use her name and connections for something more than ‘hanging in the closet’.

Other familiar beauties decorating the gala included Nicole Scherzinger, who was presented with the Global Gift Philanthropist Award for her charity work. As well as the Eva Longoria Foundation, the Global Gift Foundation and Cauldwell Children, funds raised at the Gala will also go towards the charity Children in Need and relief for those devastated by the typhoon in the Philippines.



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