A look back over the biggest celebrity fashion faux pas of 2013

For fashion 2013 was a year of stellar looks, and then a few celebrity attempts at fashion that were utterly bewildering. They did teach a few fashion basics to those paying attention however, such as the useful tip gleamed from Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy dress: if it looks like a sofa print don’t put it on. The following are a few of the worst celebrity fashion mistakes of last year.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that at the top of the list for fashion faux pas is Miley Cyrus. In fact, with so many horrendous fashion choices it was hard to pick just one, but her ‘Stop the Violence’ dress/bikini was hard to top. The halter top dress had Biggie on one side and Tupac on the other with shoelaces down the middle. The back had the two on her butt cheeks and a few strings across her bare back. Paired with thigh high Tom Ford boots the entire thing was pretty much a disaster.

A surprise entry on the worst dressed list was Lena Dunham who usually makes sensible fashion choices, but dressed in a turquoise print that looked like a table cloth from Prada with teal eye shadow to match she bombed. It also added about fifty pounds to her waistline which is the exact opposite of a great fashion choice.

Julianne Hough also stunned the critics in a very poor manner when she chose an ill fitting leotard gown to wear to the Emmys. Designed by Jenny Packham, if the dress fit a bit better it might have been flattering, but instead it hung off her shoulders cutting into her arms and then slouched around the waist making the usually tight Hough look a bit flabby all over. Plus, the sheer clutch looked like it belonged at a high school dance.


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