Alice Gold on fashion

ASOS, the global online fashion retailer has joined forced with Rogue magazine to go behind the scenes at the iTunes festival to have a quick chat with some of the stars about style. These video snippets are both entertaining and informative, and give the viewer a chance to spend a few minutes with their favourite stars in what feels like a very intimate setting. There is a series of videos available to view, and one of the most interesting is with Alice Gold.

The British singer/songwriter who has a penchant for long skirts, boots and leather jackets reveals that she is actually a fan of all things from the 1960’s, but the soulful rocker feels that to dress in this style would be at odds with the music that she plays. Alice also tells how that she spends very little time putting outfits together but has a very strict rule as far as colours are concerned; no more than 3 at any one time.

She is also a dab hand with the needle and thread, as she says she spends a lot of time shopping in the markets of London and if she sees something she likes, she will buy it and alter it into something she loves. Simplicity is the key with Alice Gold, and cool and classic colours and fabrics win every time, which is a bit at odds with her sometimes dark and edgy music. Check out the video for Alice, and the interviewees, at the iTunes hub or YouTube.


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