Ashley Greene shows off her new fashion style

It’s not surprising that Ashley Greene has gone from vampire to vamp and beyond; she was a beautiful vampire as Alice Cullen in the Twilight series and she has the face, body and moves to seduce an even wider audience as cover girl for DKNY. However, she acknowledges that her look, and trends in general, aren’t right for every body.

Ashley favours skinny jeans and flats for her informal activities, and on her they look pretty fabulous. She says that being inside the world of fashion has improved her own fashion sense and made her more aware of what looks really good and what doesn’t. She just doesn’t dress the way she used to.

When so many eyes are upon you whenever you leave home, she says, you can’t wear pajamas to the corner market any more. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida she wore shorts and t-shirts more than anything else; now it’s painted-on jeans with an elegant top and purse to set them off and make the most of her long-legged sexy/glamorous look.

Ashley doesn’t mind the runway, either. In fact she told The Look (YouTube show from Harper’s Bazaar) that she felt both very glamorous and very comfortable at the second Twilight premiere, and she’s having fun with fashion. She told US Weekly that she’s thrilled to be the spokesmodel for DKNY.


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