British women spending £2.4bn a year to try and look like celebrities

New research suggests that women in the UK spend about £2.4b every year attempting to try to capture celebrity style for themselves. In fact, the study that took a closer look at where people got their fashion inspiration from also discover that about 33% of all women turn to gossip and celebrity magazines to find out what they should be wearing.

They cite these magazines as inspiration for their clothing purchases such as peplum dresses and crop tops. On the other hand, only about 25% ask their friends for help with their style and just about one in five thinks that their mother is a good source of information about style.

An additional 17% of the women in the study admitted that they often buying clothing on a whim but then they actually never end up wearing it. With this in mind it is easy to see how a celebrity obsession could end up hurting the bank balance of a woman.

As Helen Flanagan and Katie Price continue to make headlines the survey found that one out of very seven girls between the ages of 18-24 now believe that a push bra is the best way to stay stylish and show that they have self-confidence. Another four out of five stated that Holly Willoughby is their celebrity style icon.

The top style inspiration for lasses however was Cheryl Cole although the over 55s included in the survey tended to be more captivated by the style of Kate Middleton. It was clear that regardless of age almost every woman in the survey had a style icon that they felt best reflected their own style goals.


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