Brits certainly suffer in their efforts to look good according to new study

There has been the perception among those in the fashion world for quite some time that you have to suffer to look good, and according to a new study conducted by the British Osteopathic Society it turns that half of all Brits do. The study found that nearly 50% of all Britons have been injured by their clothing choices at some point.

There are of course some of the most obvious fashion accessories to blame, such as shoes that have too high of a heel on them or bras that fit improperly. Other injuries are the results of heavy bags or socks that are not properly sized. However, there are some surprising entries on the survey as well such as friction burns from thongs, a numb groin from placing a wallet in the back pocket of skinny jeans, and headaches from tight hats.

What this means is that while corsets and foot bindings may be considered absurd by today’s standards, they do still have their modern counterparts that can be just as bad. Bags that are carried with all of the weight resting on the forearm by the strap are known to cause RSI in some people whereas skinny jeans can actually cause nerve damage. Even ballet flats can carry a risk with them because they damage the knee due to a lack of proper support.

Fashion injuries do not see that modern, but at least movable clothes are coming around with oversize tops, full coverage knickers, and even leggings coming into style. Finally fashion is getting comfortable due to designers like Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo, and that is not such a bad thing at all! Even Victoria Beckham who is known for her personal teetering fashion choices is coming around and creating some comfortable gowns!


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