Brooklyn Beckham is ‘More Stylish’ than his parents according to poll

The results of a new poll run by a leading independent celebrity and fashion website, have revealed that Brooklyn Beckham had topped the poll of celebrity kids who are more stylish than their parents, and the judges were the great British public. He is now officially more stylish than his mega famous parents, so say the British public, and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon came a close second.

Conducted by, the study polled 1,879 people, all over the age of 18, who were asked to name which celebrity kids were ahead of their parents in the style stakes. The study came in the wake of a big increase in searches on the website for celebrity children, and according to the subjects of these searches, respondents were given multiple choice answers.

According to the results, the ‘top 10 celebrity kids more stylish than their parents’ were as follows:

1.       Brooklyn  Beckham-  39%

2.       Lourdes Leon- 37%

3.       Maddox Jolie- Pitt- 32%

4.       Suri Cruise- 31%

5.       Romeo Beckham- 25%

6.       Willow Smith- 23%

7.       Kingston Rossdale- 21%

8.       Kaia Crawford- 19%

9.       Harlow Madden- 15%

10.     Bluebell Halliwell- 14%

Andy Barr, Marketing Director of, commented on the findings:

“We already know how much celebrities can influence high street fashion,  but now it seems that their little ones are also gaining attention from the fashion pack. Kids’ fashion has certainly come on leaps and bounds over recent years, and with the help of certain celebrity children in the spotlight, it now seems that even young ones have fashion idols to look up to.

He continued:

“We always like to keep an eye on celebrities and fashion trends that are searched for the most on the site, and the likes of Suri Cruise and Brooklyn Beckham have certainly cropped up a lot recently.  I’m sure it won’t be long before Harper Seven Beckham makes it on to the top 10!”


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