Cheryl’s fashion sense not good enough for US TV

Cheryl Cole has quite different reputations in the UK and the US. She is considered a fashion guru in the UK, but in the US she is considered more pomp than substance.

Although she is the X Factor judge, modelling works created by world-class fashion designers for the ITV show, the network management at network Fox have told Cole that if she wishes to be included on their series, she will have to be assisted by their fashion experts.

“Her head is thick sometimes and it’s hard to tell her that what she wants to wear just doesn’t work. Yet after discussing it with the executives at the network she understands that her taste may not easily match that of Americans,” reported Star Magazine.

“She has agreed to listen to the advice of some of our top fashion experts at Fox in order to know what not to wear. We especially want her to avoid donning some of the tackier clothes she gravitates toward.”

Cole opted out of formal dress at the National Television Awards last week, and wore a mini dress instead. It was cut low in the back, showing off her butterfly tattoo. US fashion consultants saw it as too slutty, though.

Cole is going all out for this spot. She’s not only altering her style, but also whitening her teeth and redesigning her makeup. She’s committed to quit smoking too.

“Her diet is completely different and she works out almost every day. She is likely to drop the false eyelashes. So you can see that she is very serious about this transformation.”


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