Cheryl Cole living up to her fashion icon status

Cheryl Cole was voted the most stylish celebrity in Britain just a few weeks ago, and seems to be making an effort lately with a more unique homemade look to her clothing choices such as the other day when she was spotted in grungy pants that had grey paint on them.  However, she did take note to grab a large designer bag to compliment the outfit.

Her bleached out jeans were seen as she flew into the Heathrow Airport and were matched perfectly with a black chic blazer, Miu Miu platform shoes valued at £445 and of course the designer bag.  However, the best accessory that shone through the photo was her smile which has been plastered across her face in the wake of her marital issues.

Cole was at the airport on a return trip from television promotions in The Netherlands, Paris, and Norway. During an appearance in Norway on a call in chat show when asked if she was still in love with Ashley she fired back that she was most in love with her career.

The show hosts also asked how she feels about being considered one of the most important women in the UK, to which she responded that she is honoured that the UK audience views her this way and that its hard to believe.

In other Cole news, Cheryl had the locks on her and Ashley’s £3.5m Surrey home a few days ago after an argument that left him locked out of the mansion.


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