Chloe Sevigny shines in New York

Chloe Sevigny regularly tops the lists of best dressed women and in widely regarded as one of the most fashionable and forward looking stars around. It was no surprise then to see her steal the show on Wednesday in New York at the A&E Networks party, dressed in a 1930’s style outfit to which she had added her own unique and modern twist.

Jumping on the current trend for all things Great Gatsby, Chloe opted for a white dress inspired by flappers that had sharp and tailored panels attached at the front. Whilst still tapping into the zeitgeist, the 38 year old blond clearly demonstrated that she has decided to create her own take on the 20’s trend, just ahead of the release of the last film version of the classic F Scott Fitzgerald novel which has Baz Luhrmann at the helm.

It takes someone very special to take a style that everyone is talking about and currently wearing and still stay true to themselves by creating their own contemporary twist without hiding the original inspiration. In the same way that Luhrmann, best known for directing Moulin Rouge, has remodelled his much anticipated film, Chloe has brought the spirit and essence of that era right into the modern day thanks to her avante garde persona.

To go with her updated version of the flapper dress, Chloe had a very retro hairstyle, with loose waves tumbling around her face. A modest pair of black heels with ankle straps and a dash of red lipstick, which injected a bit of colour into the overall outfit, completed the look to perfection, and she carried off the whole thing with the style and aplomb she is known for.

She appeared on the TV events carpet with James D’Arcy, the English actor she stars alongside in the new network series Those Who Kill, which teams up a female detective with a forensic psychiatrist.





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