Chloe Sevigny the nerd of fashion

For over a decade she has earned a place on the lists of the best dressed for her grungy-nerdy signature style, but Chloe Sevigny admits that she is left numb with the fashion scene of today. The actress, 36, said in an interview function far out weighs form for her.

She said she just was not wow about it saying it is not a reflection of what is being produced or her feelings for it. She said she purchased a pair of Birkenstocks, wanting the functional chunky sandal that in its self should be enough to know where she is with fashion.

She said she hates to attend fashion shows even though she is a perennial front rower like the Proenza Schouler show she attended last February. She said they were boring for her. Interested or not she holds influence when there is fashion involved. Balenciaga and other top labels send her clothes continually hoping she goes to an event wearing them. But she says without hesitation that the tiny sizes often do not fit.

Today she prefers to design rather than be a fashion plate and tries stay on top of her acting career with Opening Ceremony now appearing for a fourth season. Last month the star staged a runway show for the first time with her sexy nerdy designs that have been quite successful.

She says she likes dabbling with dark and white, thinking of the good and evil and so they mixed some angelic white cotton eyelets  and some laser cut leather which is a bit more S&M, to get that dirty, saucy sexy vibe. Her dirty girl vibe she says will not be going main stream. She said she passed on the opportunity to create a much larger celebrity lines. She has acting jobs still flooding in despite the huge success she has had with her line.


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