Cut out swimsuits voted most hated holiday style

Cut out swimsuits may enjoy a high profile fan following that comprises of such personalities as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton though that couldn’t save the particular style from being voted the worst holiday fashion style.

It even beat the much derided ‘socks and sandals’ style to emerge at the top. The swimsuit was designed to be worn by the pool though clearly, it failed to impress the majority 61 percent of fashion enthusiasts in a survey conducted recently by

The socks and sandal trend emerged a close second with 59 percent votes while other pieces of clothes that people said they rather not wear are speedos, Hawaiian shirts and clothes designed along a patriotic theme. But then, a sizeable 59 percent of those polled have also admitted to not making an effort either.

When asked to explain, 46 percent said they loathed making an effort as they believed they are least likely to bump across someone known to them. Another 19 percent attributed the trend to the need to feel comfortable and absolutely relaxed with what they wear.

Meanwhile, a representative said that the cut out swimsuit style emerged the least popular with men and women alike. The rep though said there is nothing unusual in it as such a behaviour can be attributed to the need to feel relaxed, especially during holidays.

He further explained that the dress code for holidays shouldn’t be equated with a fashion parade as it’s important to feel comfortable during the holidays. Something that will make the revellers feel warm and good.


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