Ellie Goulding’s new hair gets a massive thumbs up

Ellie Goulding's new hair gets a massive thumbs upEllie Goulding's new hair gets a massive thumbs up
Ellie Goulding’s new hair gets a massive thumbs up

It is great to see Ellie Goulding back on the stage and in the charts where she belongs and this triumphant return comes complete with not only a new song but also a whole new look.

Ellie’s luscious locks are a massive talking point, and she has revealed that she achieves this cool, laid back look thanks to her new  clip-in hair extensions . These extensions emphasise the fact of how natural and easy to look after these extensions really are and we are seeing plenty of them as Ellie wows the crowds with both her music and her hair.

Eric Eamon, founder of FAME Hair Extensions, a provider of synthetic hair extensions in a huge number of lengths, colours and types, says, “Ellie Goulding has been at the front of the fashion pack for a while now; she was one of the few celebrities to brave the ‘undercut’ style in recent years, and now she has embraced a more casual, flowing look, leading the way for the nation’s style fanatics this winter. Her sleek blonde locks are a great example of how natural hair extensions can look; they simply enhance her already lustrous hair, rather than giving it a totally different look, and she wears them incredibly well.”

Ellie recently appeared in a Marks and Spencer’s ad campaign in which she used her hair extensions to give her some extra length as well as volume. The results were incredible; flowing long locks that looked entirely natural, styled with the rest of her hair to perfect. She has also been putting in performances across the country on her tour and on various television shows, boasting a similar laid-back hairstyle that fits with her fantastic look.

This look is very achievable for any budding young popstars or dedicated followers of fashion. A half-head of synthetic hair extensions would allow anyone to achieve this natural and authentic look, and with a little help to select the perfect colour match, no one would ever guess hair extensions were being used. Synthetic hair extensions can be heat-styled, so getting casual beach-style waves like the singer is simple; heated rollers will do the trick, as will curling tongs, to give a glamorous and low-maintenance feel. 

Ellie has also spoken of her love for the clip-in aspect of the hair extensions. Last year when she toured with Bruno Mars, she spoke to a number of publications about how she could remove the extensions at will, sporting an easily manageable look in the day and then adding further extensions for volume and bounce when she got on stage. The versatility of hair extensions like this are among their strongest features, and this ensures that everyone can switch up their look from day to night with as much ease as Ellie.



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