Emma Watson’s new eco fashion range

The beauty of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter books could only be reproduced in film by one astounding actress, and that is Emma Watson. These days, Emma is now advocating a new sense of fashion to teenagers. This fashion is unlike the trendy ones we find in television or in magazines. Rather, it is fashion derived from clothes created in the world’s poorest nations.

Her latest collection will be unveiled in England at Clarence House, which is the London home of the Prince of Wales. This collection boasts strict compliance with the environmental guidelines and Fairtrade. According to fashion experts, Emma Watson is a huge influence on young women today. At the very young age of 20, she is highly regarded as a fashion icon.

Watson enjoys creating clothes for people her age and people likewise enjoy purchasing these. The founder of People Tree, Safia Minney, has mentioned that having Emma Watson as a model brings lots of customers in.

Emma’s previous collection is going to on sale this coming Wednesday. She says that she was not entirely involved in the design of this collection but played a large part in picking some Fairtrade textiles. She also recommends one particular dress, a black satin tulip dress which she says befits any occasion.

The irony of all this is that People Tree is known to propagate affordable items which cost as little as £20 while Emma Watson is a known fan of upscale fashion and haute couture.

Emma Watson has recently garnered attention due to her recent haircut. She got rid of the curls which branded her as Hermione and now enjoys a pixie style cut.


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