Emma Watson hits the cover of Harper’s

She may be one of England’s best exports but now she sits down with Harper’s Bazaar to talk fashion and bullying. Emma Watson has put her all and then some into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II she even said at one time she was attracted to Tom Felton a cast mate.

Her newest interview is with Harper’s Bazaar and she includes with it a cover shoot with her in a dark wig since being blonde was s Cheryl Cole thing, and we all know what happened with that. She explained in her interview her reasons for leaving Brown University saying bullying had nothing to do with her leaving as the media so much wants readers to believe.

She says never has she been bullied, not in her entire young life. She said her plans are to spend her third year at Brown abroad like a great many of other students do at Brown. On the topic of Hollywood she started off by saying LA scares her to death.

She says the pressures stars go through to work out multiple hours daily, count calories for everything they consume, injecting Botox by 22 and obsess about their looks all the time would drive her insane.  About her Pure Threads, eco-friendly collaboration and her own fashion line People Tree she said, it all can be quite cruel and savage with having to mould to a certain way and always look a certain style.

She said a visit to Bangladesh absolutely horrified her when she saw the factory where mass market clothing lines were made. Saying if people could see how the workers work in inhumane conditions many may not buy them.


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