Fashion Icon Award for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s personal fashion sense is definitely a phenomenon, whether you love it or loath it.  It appears that the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) belongs in the former category, since they presented her with the Fashion Icon Award for 2011 at their ceremony in New York City earlier this month.

Gaga also picked up two awards at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto this past Monday, one for the category of most popular international artist fan-wise.  But she’s not stopping there, not by a long shot.  The currently blue-haired pop star announced that she wants her own fashion line when the time comes –  and that will be after she’s done writing songs and performing them, which won’t be any time soon.

She told interviewers backstage in Toronto that she’s great friends with fashion designers, admires them tremendously and would love to be one herself.  Gaga also offered a tip to fellow artists on how to deal with the paparazzi.  She said she thinks of the press as a friend that she shows what she chooses to show in public, and she considers herself to be “in public” all the time.


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