From country girl to fashion icon; Julianne Hough reveals her secret

Julianne Hough revealed how she turned the country girl into a fashion icon over the last few years. Stylist Anita Patrickson has worked with 24 year old Hough since 2012’s Emmy Awards and has helped convince her to try out some more edgy styles. In the past Patrickson has also worked with Emma Watson and stated that she had a lot of fun pushing Julianne to continue to evolve her style.

Anita stated that she thinks that they are very lucky because as far as their working relationship goes they are usually on the same page, but the trick is that Anita has to be careful to continue to push her because that is the most important part of her job. At the same time she stated that Hough does not look comfortable and confident it will show in picture so she has to inspire her to take on the fashion world without fear.

The stylist also stated that a year ago Hough would have never tried out some of the bold choices that they have made, but it’s been a fun journey with her teaching her how to expose herself properly in the fashion world. She said that one of the largest challenges with Hough was figuring out how to smoothly transition between her golden country look to a more sophisticated look.

Anita explained that they found that a grown-up look was much more fitting and now in the fashion world she has been able to have nine lives moving from a country start to a dancing star and now as an actress and veritable fashion icon. Her look is a lot more timeless and chic now and looks more like something you would see in a fashion magazine then a little girl playing larger than life dress-up.



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