Halle Berry changes signature look for new film

Gorgeous film star Halle Berry changed her hair for her latest film role in ‘The Hive’, to a longer curly look, away from the usual crop she wears. It is said that she sees her hair as an accessory anyway, and likes to experiment with it. She said that she looks at her hair as she would a pair of shoes or a handbag, to change as and when she pleases.

She also said that she liked the new look as it was low maintenance and more natural-looking. She added that with a shorter style that she had to play with it a lot more to get it looking just right. She described the new look as ‘ready to go’ referring to the low maintenance required to keep it looking good.

Halle is a natural beauty and looks a lot younger than fort-five years of age. She says that this is because of the healthy life she leads. She said that she takes care of her skin by cleansing regularly and using sunscreen. Also not too much drinking, no smoking and watching what she eats. She said to look good you need a good base to work with.



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