Helena Bonham Carter fashion .. er .. icon

Helena Bonham Carter freely shares with the press that she did not always think clearly when it came to fashion. One of the biggest fashion flops she made was at the Golden Globe Awards this year.

The British actress had donned a red and a green shoe. Yes, each shoe was a different colour. She defends her choice by blaming the whole fashion industry as too stuffy and rule-centred.

“Is there a law that says they’ll arrest you if you put on two different coloured shoes? So what if I do? It was all in fun and the fact that they did not see the fun in it shows that they just take themselves way too seriously. Fashion and fun start with the same letters, don’t they?” she said.

Fashion has been kidnapped and held ransom at the fashion prison of the industry. They tell us what we can and cannot wear. But I say we should toss out the rule book and see if the police come after us for wearing a red shoe on the left foot and a green one on the right,” she went on.

The actress also expressed her admiration for the singer Lady Gaga, because she pushes the boundaries with her wild and crazy outfits.

“I simply adore her style. She knows that fashion is both art and self-expression. She has too much fun with what she wears, or doesn’t wear. And those shoes look impossible to even stand in. How does she do it?”


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