High praise indeed for Victoria Beckham’s latest collection

Natalie Massenent, Chair of the British Fashion Council, vibrantly declared that Victoria Beckham’s autumn-winter 2013 collection was impeccable’ which is pretty high praise for anyone showing clothes at New York fashion week.

Of course, when you take a look at the line impeccable is a very good word choice given the fact that the line was very sharply edged and lined between elegant tuxedo suits, cashmere coats, and some very fun intarsia knits. All together, the entire line was one large masterpiece and it shows that Beckham is not only gaining experience, but is not afraid to take some risks.

While the early collections by Victoria were mostly sophisticated and sleek dresses she has really stepped forward and is clearing displaying that her brand is a fashion house worth taking note of. Plus, the entire show was set up nicely with English Breakfast served to those in the audience along with Japanese popcorn tea. The Diptyque scent that was slowly drifting over the audience was also a nice little touch.

Mrs Beckham’s difficult task is figuring out how to balance the fact that people want to buy designs that make them feel as they living her life, with the fact that fashion demands that she creates new brands that are contributing the idea of fashion. If she wants any respect from the fashion world she has to be willing to step into new directions, otherwise face the celebrity brand fate.

However she has managed to work in this direction ever so slowly with distinct models and distinct fabrics and patterns. She clearly has incorporated the trend of menswear influences, but at the same time kept all of her dresses stylish and sexy which is of course what Beckham is best known for.


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