Holmes and Yang employs 18 year old Bella Cruise

Katie Holmes the actress turned designer has enlisted help with her successful clothing line Holmes and Yang. The help is from close to home since she hired her step daughter 18 year old Bella Cruise, her husband’s adopted daughter, as an intern for her company.

Cruise said that Bella is just starting out while Kate is designing. He describes his daughter as an artist so it makes it good that she is doing the interning and he says she loves it. The young Bella just returned from a trip to New York to learn more about the industry and the company.

He said that the company was his wife’s; you could talk to him about movie sets. When asked if he was happy and proud about his daughters accomplishments he said yes. His wife’s clothing line was started in May of 2011 and is in collaboration with designer Jeanne Lang.

They want to do comfortable clothes that can be worn from business meetings to going out in the evening. She admitted that her daughter and Jeanne’s two had been inspirations to them.


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