Is Kirsten Dunst about to enter the fashion world?

At only 28, Kirsten Dunst is regarded as a veteran, having been working since she was 6. She is also rumoured to be the next celebrity to venture in the world of fashion design. She has been dropping hints recently that a collection reflecting her quirky style could soon hit the shops. She is quick to point out she has no desire to bring out an entire line and it would be a one off.

Her style icons are Stella Tennant, Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow. She has been quoted as saying that she has, at times, wanted to look like both Keaton and Farrow.

Her latest film, the thriller Melancholia, finds her working alongside British actress Charlotte Rampling, whose style is also highly praised. She describes her own look as the vibe a girl gets when wearing men’s clothes. In 2008, she helped to design a Cashmere sweater for a celebrity range.

Any designer plans will have to wait a while as she juggles acting with modelling. Bulgari last month released the first ad featuring her as the face of their new perfume, Mon Jasmin Noir and she will soon be making her rounds of the red carpets when both Melancholia and On the Road are released.


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