Jude Law is most stylish father

Father of four and prominent British actor Jude Law has won over Johnny Depp and David Beckham to take the role of the most stylish celebrity dad with 69% of the vote.

A study by the UK celebrity fashion website My Celebrity Fashion, revealed which celebrity fathers are at the top of their games in terms of style as June Law took Best Dressed Dad beating out David Beckham who received 57% of the vote and Johnny Depp who received 65% of the vote.

The research was performed prior to Fathers Day and polled 1,539 people asking them to which fathers have the best sense of style.  The study respondents were offered pictures of the top celebrity fathers and then asked to pick their favourites.

Also making an appearance in the top ten were Gavin Rossdale, Robert Downey Jr, Will Smith, Guy Ritchie, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, and Jamie Redknapp.

While filling out the poll, respondents were also asked to choose what they liked most about the celebrities on their list with the majority of people who chose June Law noting that his best look was formal.

Johnny Depp attracted voters due to his individual look and David Beckham attracted voters due to his expensive taste.

Also revealed were the least stylish celeb dads out of which Jonathon Russ and Jack Black stole the vote with Black receiving the worst styled dad vote from 73% of those polled.  Ross followed with 68% of the vote.


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