Kanye West moving to London to pursue his fashion dream

DW was the fashion label debuted by Kanye West in September and it was not welcomed with open arms by the fashion community. In fact, it was largely criticised and apart from a few celebrities welcoming his move into the fashion world it was largely shunned.

Many people were speculating that it was unlikely that Kanye West would be returning to the fashion industry and would instead focus on his music. However, a recent article in The Sun newspaper has said that the rapper is still keen on becoming a designer and is not going to let a little resistance get in his way.

It is also expected that West is going to be moving to London in order to focus on his designing. He has previously stated that he enjoys being in London and wants to make it his home for the time being.

However, he is known to travel and spent several of the past few years exploring places as diverse as Japan, Rome and New York. It has also been said that he is currently preparing a new show for Paris Fashion Week which takes place in March. In regard to his music he has recently been seeking out a new studio.


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