Kate Moss and Top Shop part company

Kate Moss, the super famous super model, and Phillip Green are ending the partnership that put the Moss brand out to the public.  The last line will be out a mere 3 ½ years after it all began.  Reasons for the split, which Sir Phillip says isn’t a split at all, have not been publicly disclosed.

The truth may be very simple.  The Moss brand just doesn’t sell like it used to sell.  Perhaps it is because in those 3 ½ years, Green and Moss put out fourteen separate lines.  Green himself has said that maybe the line was overloaded and that they need a break to rethink it all.

Green says that the line shall go on in some form, while others are doubtful.  Some say that Sir Phillip Green is simply making room in his £214 million empire for his daughter.  Others say that the line just ran its course and had it continued to sell, Green would have backed in until Kate Moss was an old woman.

The truth is that people like Sir Phillip Green don’t make their money by trying to ride a dead horse.  If he is making room for Chloe, his daughter, then he is doing so because the time is ripe and Kate Moss sales are rotten.

In any case, both partners speak of an amicable split and certainly neither will suffer for lack of fortune or fame without the other in their life.  In that way, perhaps it is a fairy tale ending, after all.


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