Katie Holmes’ divorce has dramatic effect on the sales of her fashion collection

Since the separation of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, many people have been looking to see whether the divorce was something that could have been predicted. Recently, people have been talking about an interview that Holmes conducted one day before she announced that she would be divorcing the movie star. In this interview she did not once mention his name and when the topic was brought up she refused to talk about it.

Interestingly, other news has shown that since she announced she was divorcing Cruise, she has seen a great increase in the number of clothes sales that she has been making. Her fashion line has been particularly popular and it is probably an unexpected benefit that she has seen from the divorce.

Her brand is called Holmes & Yang and since the 33-year-old divorced Cruise it sales have increased dramatically. The brand was originally stocked in the UK in the shop Harvey Nichols, however, this shop stopped buying it for their 2012 collection. The clothes are still stocked in the United States in Barney’s and store clerks have said that since the divorce the number of people buying her clothes has dramatically increased.

The clothes are also sold at Bergdorf Goodman and in an interview, a former executive of this company stated, “Because of the divorce she is in a more prominent position than ever before. For this reason, many people are hearing about her and her fashion range and going out there to buy it. It is unexpected marketing that she is benefiting from markedly.”

Since the divorce she has been seen wearing her own collections much more than before and the whole situation really couldn’t have worked out better for her. The fashion designer David Zyla recently commented, “She has handled her divorce very well and has made herself very popular with her customers.”


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