Kristen Stewart to be the new face of Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart is the new face of the Balenciaga campaign, but it despite working with other designers in the past it sounds like this the first time that she is actually enjoying working with fashion. Stewart is known for Twilight and for maintaining her own personal sense of style, and her Twilight fame has ensured that she has been in millions of photo shoots. However, Nicolas Ghesquiere the former creative director for Balenciaga stated that she was very impressed with her shoot for the company calling Flare a real artist and that this came as a surprise since she usually perceived the fashion world to be too superficial.

Stewart claims that she has always felt that the fashion world is very phony and she hated every shoot that she prior to the one that she did with Flare. In fact, she even tossed out a few obscenities before comparing a fashion shoot to torture. She explained that unless there is a story that is being told with fashion and the shoots then the entire thing is not worth it. She likes the story behind fashion because then it is like the person in the shoot and the photographers are trying to actually bring something to life instead of just wasting their time.

Either way, it should be a pretty big year for Stewart as she has two films coming up for release including Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria. In addition, she is also going to star in the remake of 1984 entitled Equals. She will be in good company as Nicholas Hoult will play her co-star, a fact that she calls terrifying and epic, but then again, anyone tackling George Orwell might say the same thing given how heavy handed the entire project is bound to be.


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