Lady Gaga borrows fashion students dress

Hoping to impress her friends and tutors, Rebecca Short created a dress made out of neoprene, which was showcased at her university’s fashion week. Less than a week later and the dress was being worn by Lady Gaga, who was showing off a new haircut in front of the press. The superstar also wore the dress before performing in Singapore in June.

Miss Short, 22, has recently completed a fashion design course at Birmingham City University. She explained, “Everyone takes their work to the university’s fashion week, as it happened the stylist for Lady Gaga was there and wanted to borrow the dress.”

Many designs were borrowed by the stylist and Miss Short did not expect to hear anything more. In July she heard that her dress was all over the press, being worn by Lady Gaga. Of the experience Miss Short commented, “It was so surreal, my friends kept messaging me to check on Twitter, where there were pictures of my dress.” The young designer has recently secured a job with British fashion label Suzannah.


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