Lady Gaga, the man, the myth

Pop star Lady Gaga has recently attended the MTV Music Video Awards which were held in Los Angeles. She went to the event dressed as a man in her bid to be Jo Calderone. The star went beyond the normal drag attempt of just dressing in men’s clothes and went as far as having fake stubble and wearing a prosthetic penis.

‘Jo Calderone’ has commented that, “I am not a model or singer. My family are from Sicily. I am just a regular guy.” Comments have been made that the match is made in fashion heaven. Lady Gaga’s male alter ego who performed at the awards wasn’t the last we saw of him. She remained in character for the entire show as well as the after party.

Fans would have thought it hard to top the dress made of meat that she wore to last years award, but the worryingly realistic drag may just have done this. Either way she definitely would win prizes for the most outrageous outfit choice of the night.

Last years meat dress caused a great deal of controversy and was a fashion risk on the singers part. She managed to wear the outfit in such an unassuming way it was strange. She won eight awards on the night but most of the attention from the press was on the dress, not her musical talents.

She commented last year, “I did not do this to offend anyone who is a vegetarian or a vegan. I am not a judgemental person and this dress has many ways to be interpreted. For me, it is about standing up for the right to do what we want.”


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