Levi 501’s celebrate 140th birthday

From Marilyn Monroe in the misfits to Nick Kamen stripping in the lauderette; Levi’s 501 jeans have been worn by some of the most iconic people in history, but as it comes into its 140th birthday the oldest jeans in the world are now reaching out a new group of fans, the cool crowd of today.

The cooler crowd is disregarding the skinny jeans that have been the number one must have item of fashion for the past decade and instead are much more likely to be found sporting a pair of vintage 501s as they once again welcome back the ageless relaxed cut and high waisted style.

Founder of Fashion East the talent initiative and designer company Lulu & Co, Lulu Kennedy, decided that it was time for 501s to hit the runway again and explained that the design feels very fresh and promising now as they are moving away from the skinny jean in the fashion scene and ready for something new.

Rokit the vintage store and Urban Outfitters have both reported an increase the number of sales of their 501s with many celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, and Chloe Sevigny helping to pioneer the style by grabbing cut-off versions of the iconic jeans.

Levi’s has noticed the new interest in their jeans and is about to launch their first ever pair of 501s that is not made out of denim and in addition has created a website that requests fans to upload photos of themselves in the 501s.

The marketing strategy is to show the jeans as something that is both classic and fresh at the same time. Many of those on the fashion scene believe that the 80s and 90s popularity of the 501 has helped to spur the current popularity of the jeans because of some memorable ad campaigns.


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