Livia Firth environmentally friendly with Yoox

Of all the celebrities working to promote environmentally friendly style, Livia Firth is definitely the most glamorous. It has recently been announced that she is going to be moving into design work and has started creating a line of environmentally friendly items for the clothing retailer Yoox.

She is going to be working through a partnership with Reclaim To Wear, which is an organisation that take surplus textiles and waste and turns them into new items. Ms Firth first became involved with the dresses when she wore a cocktail dress designed by the company to the Venice film Festival. Another time she was noted for wearing recycled clothing was when she wore an outfit constructed from the old suits of her husband, Colin Firth.

Her marriage to Colin Firth made the initial part of her career in the fashion world more difficult than might be thought. Critics were generally harder on her due to her husbands standing in the film world, with one person describing her as a ‘bored housewife.’ The relationships she subsequently forged with the various supporters of environmental causes have meant that people and critics have started to take her seriously.

The director of Annie Greenabelle, the clothing label, is Jane Olley and she has recently commented about Firth, “For green style she is a great ambassador and she is fully engaged and informed about the cause she is looking to promote.

She understands that ethical garments are sometimes thought to be less desirable because they are made from textures and fabrics from unconventional sources. She also understands the need to make women socially responsible and adopt socially responsible clothing.

I have a huge amount of respect for Ms Firth and I admire the fact that she is helping lesser-known designers in the industry become known. To me, she is someone who stands out for what she believes in and is not just dabbling in an industry temporarily.”

It was two years ago when she first made one of her biggest promises to the fashion world. She said that for every red carpet event that she attended she would only be wearing clothes from an environmentally responsible companies. Some of the most notable events she has attended wearing this type of clothing have been the premieres of A Single Man and The Kings Speech.

It seems that her efforts alone are not enough to satisfy her and she is recruiting other people into her challenge. She is currently attempting to pair celebrities with luxury designers who will be creating green clothing for their chosen celebrity. This is something that is typically very hard to do as designers are not people who particularly enjoy keeping to restrictions, especially when they are designing for such high-profile people.

She first met her husband nearly 20 years ago on a film set in Colombia, she was a production assistant on a film starring Colin Firth and they got married in 1997. They have two sons together aged eight and 10 and she says her husband is responsible for stimulating her interest in environmentally friendly clothing.


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