Louis Vuitton video accused of glamorising prostitution

French fashion giant Louis Vuitton is now facing some allegations of glamorising prostitution when it recently released an advertising video to promote its autumn and winter collection for the year. Those who have seen the said video have expressed disgust and outrage, saying that the brand is trying to assimilate their idea of luxury with prostitution.

A lawyer based in France, Dominique Atlas, even went as far to say that the video showed a very shocking portrayal and representation of women. The video starred models Cara Delevigne and Georgia Jagger and showed them walking all over Paris dark streets clad in lingerie-inspired clothing. The video also shows these models leaning into different car doors, giving the viewer a strong impression that the pair are prostitutes.

The stylist for the video, Katie Grand, has spoken to “The Guardian” and has expressed her apologies, should the film have offended anyone. The same stylist also expressed that it was never their intention to cause offence to the public. However, Louis Vuitton, as of writing, has still made no comment regarding the film, and has apparently declined to comment about the issue.

There is much talk that this film really highlights what is wrong with the fashion industry, as they can often make darker issues seem light and glamorous. It hasn’t only been prostitution that has been the issue, but pornography, violence, abuse, sexual slavery and drug use have also been popular topics touched upon by fashion.

Louis Vuitton, in the releasing of this video, was supposedly in homage to Helmut Newton’s work, a photographer who also explored roles of women in society, shooting a particularly ultra-sexualised image of a naked girl, with another dressed in only a man’s suit. Those who have examined the photo claim that it is very suggestive of a call girl and her client.



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