Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez will carry on with Kohl

Fashion labels designed by celebrities are a regular occurrence these days, but labels designed by celebrity couples are somewhat more unusual. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have joined Kohl and will work together to produce a new line for the company. The Beckhams were the last celebrity couple to do something similar. Although their marriage has lasted their design line, DVb, has not.

Most design companies tend to keep away from the celebrity couple joint design concept. The line could become popular but the marriage may dissolve. As Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have recently announced their divorce, this creates a difficult problem for Kohl to overcome.

According to a company spokesperson, the Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez brands have always been kept as two independent and unique collections. They offer a superior and fashionable style for both men and women. The brands are due for launch in early September.

Lopez and Anthony may have been expecting their irreconcilable differences to come to the fore as they both signed separate agreements with the company. According to Kohl licensing’s company president, Rick Darling, it was always the intention to have two separate contracts. Their divorce will have no bearing on the contracts whatsoever.

Although it is probable that the name of  Kohl will not be harmed in any way, the marketing approach will most certainly suffer. Any public appearances by Jennifer and Marc together, although uncomfortable, could do wonders for the brand line. It would be publicity that the company would find most welcome.


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